The Testimonials

Over the decades, as a filmmaker, Ranjit has honed his organizational skills, sharpened his keen sense of aesthetics and, above all, brought into his production processes that elusive ingredient that is seen so rarely in our studio environments —Discipline. For those who wish to take up a career in animation as line-producers or studio managers, or, for that matter, anyone who might enjoy a good read on animation filmmaking, Ranjit offers in this book a wealth of insights, observations and narratives that add up to a great deal more than any academic course in an institute of management could provide. —Ram Mohan.
Astonishing coverage of all facets and considerations in Animation Production Management, including human nature! Clear, solid, practical, straight talk. Invaluable to the industry and to film schools and students! Bravo Ranjit! —Prof. Ishu Patel.
This book is great text for anyone, artist or otherwise, who wants to start a production and have the knowledge to plan and execute in an organised fashion. It has tons of details and the information is completely relevant to what is being followed in the big effects studios. One section I find particularly useful is the section on logistics. This area can often get overlooked so it’s great that Ranjit has included this. As most animation schools don’t really impart production knowledge to their students, I highly recommend that artists and students read this book and keep a copy for reference! —Peter Tan, Senior Animator, Lucas Animation, Singapore.
On time and on budget! Following these guidelines is the mark of any great producer. The animation book that fills a long awaited gap in the market. —Tim Allen,
A comprehensive book that covers almost all aspects of production management. It is very detailed yet simple to understand. Ranjit has done a good job of keeping the information exciting and making it clear that only through a strong production pipeline can the creative work of the artists be channeled and projected at its best. This book is a keeper for anyone who is a part of the CG/VFX industry and a bible for animation entrepreneurs. —Zameer Hussain, Senior Compositor, Industrial Light & Magic.
Is Ranjit’s book necessary? Most certainly! Much needed, mandatory reading, in fact, for anyone in our industry. Why did it take so long? —Pankaj Khandpur, Creative Director, Tata Elxsi/Visual Computing Labs.
Ranjit’s book not only portrays an honest and lively assessment of what constitutes good working practices in Production Management for animation, but it also provides an insight into real life scenarios which Ranjit has been confronted with, over his many years in the business. His humour and candour does not fail to inform and guide his readers in equal measures.        —Joel Simon, Creative Director, Flickerpix Animations, Ireland.