The Extracts

The culture of creativity at the cost of productivity just does not fit in to any system, even if you are working alone. Higher productivity can be achieved only when knowledge, expertise, creativity and hard work are channelised through discipline….

Irrespective of whether you are a student, an independent artist, one who is starting out alone or even one who has worked all your life in a large studio with a dedicated production department, read this text with the objective to understand what is it that will allow you the freedom to take control and drive a project….

…the management of animation is essential, irrespective of medium, genre and type of project. The nature of data and materials to organise and handle may differ, but the processes and fundamental rules of the game remain the same.

The biggest challenge is not to design a system, but in the acceptance and adoption of a new regime. Generally, people are far more inclined to adopt processes that simplify and reduce existing pressures.

Every project, to be viable, has to work towards a completion date. Even those that are owned by individuals or studios i.e. in-house productions need to set a goal or date by which resources allotted to it can be pulled and put to another project.

–a support structure that collects, maintains, correlates and disburses information between other departments so as to enable the entire machinery to work in a coordinated and cohesive manner.

Costs are always based on the amount of work to be done and not on the amount of footage that is finally used. This is because unlike live action…

Production management is the core to our industry and timelines and deadlines are critical. A hiccup there affects a whole lot of other things in the pipeline.